No. 1
Our First Date

Once you get those butterflies from knowing you've found the perfect designer (blush), then the next step is to fill in my enquiry form. This allows me just to arrange a quick, no strings, no thrills chat about your business goals and how I can help. I want to make sure we are a good match.

No. 2
Does he like me?

You've decided I'm 'The One' and the feeling's mutual. We will schedule a discovery call and from that call, I'll gather the information needed to send you an online proposal to take a look over. Once signed I reserve your start date in my 'Little Black Book'. The most exclusive place to be in the world!

No. 3
Making Plans

I'll add the project to my project management system where we can collaborate, communicate and set deadlines & milestones. This keeps everyone on the same page and means no missed dinner dates.

No. 4
Meeting the Parents

Once your project starts I'll send you a document to fill in so I can get intimate with your vision and your ideal client. I'll also be collecting your content at this point unless you are using our copywriter. This creates the heart of your project.

No. 5
Fall In Love

Love is in the air! This is where you see the first drafts of your new website and inevitably fall in love. From here we can circle back to the business goals website purpose to make sure it ticks all the boxes. We can then discuss any edits you wish to make and begin to finalise the project.

No. 6
Beauty Isn't Just Skin Deep

You're happy with your new website and ready to get it out there. Your website doesn't just look good but functions well too, engaging your target audience. Behind the scenes it's easy for you to manage and update should you wish to. Time to set a launch date and get ready to pop the champagne!

No. 7
Don't Say It's Over

Once we've launched I won't leave you out in the cold. Like a clingy ex-boyfriend, I still like to keep in touch and work with you on your marketing strategy to make your website an enquiry machine. Also, don't forget about my care package to take the stress out of taking care of your new site - everyone needs a little bit of love and your website is no different.

No. 8
It's Not You It's Me

Don't want to take out a marketing or care package? I might cry a little but I understand. I'm always available should you need any updates or new features added so don't hesitate to reach out. Please keep in touch and tell me about your business successes and remember me when you're rich!

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