Why a Bespoke Wedding Planner Website Matters

For any business, a bespoke website is simply essential, but for wedding planners operating in an increasingly competitive marketplace, it is critical to the ongoing success of their business. But why? What’s the big deal? And do you really need a website that’s completely bespoke to your business? Won’t a standard one do?


Differentiate YOUR wedding planning business with a bespoke wedding planner website

On the web, there are many ‘free’ and low-cost options when it comes to wedding planner web design. These templates provide an effortless way of getting a website designed and live quickly. As well as templates, there are also hundreds, if not thousands of free stock photos, ideal for creating headers and supporting the content of your website.

But here’s the rub – someone else has used them. In fact, these free stock photos and website templates have been used hundreds of times before and not just for wedding planners, but by other businesses too.

A ‘free’ website template does not differentiate your business.


Designed with your customer demographic in mind

Some wedding planners occupy the luxury end of the market, creating and organising lavish nuptials that tens of thousands of pounds. Their website will look very different to that of someone offering ‘wedding planning on a budget’.

This is because the customer demographic is not the same. If you were looking to spend a small fortune on your wedding, wouldn’t you turn to a wedding planner that sounds all the right notes?

That means in terms of wedding planner web design getting the right colour scheme, the right template, the right font, the right content and the right tone that your customer would expect when they browse the website.

Frankly, an off-the-shelf web template just doesn’t cut it.


The right impression

Your website is your window onto the world and through it, potential customers will peer. They will like what they see or they will navigate away without looking deeper.

When customers land on a website and look at one page but then fly away to another place on the web, this is called the bounce rate of a website. The higher the bounce rate, the higher the number of customers who are not being hooked by your website.

Content, also known as copy, is one factor in providing hooks for people to stay and be converted into customers. This could be something as simple as sending an email enquiry about your services, your prices or your availability. As soon as a customer has done that, they have sent a signal they are in the market for a wedding planner and your business is of interest.

But it is not just the words that attract people it’s how they feel when they land on a website. The overwhelming question to which they seek an answer is, ‘can I trust this wedding planner to deliver the wedding I want?’.

Again, although free website templates have their place, a bespoke wedding planner web design is the ONLY design that sends the right signals to your customers.

Bespoke wedding planner websites are more affordable than you think but perhaps the real question is, can you afford not to invest in a bespoke website package?


Adam Lacey

I live in Somerset with my beautiful wife Kayleigh and dog Loki. I have a passion for the wedding industry, web design, development and technology. I keep up to date with modern web trends and best practices as well as enjoying the odd night down the pub.

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